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CCC-DPHMD Timeline

Below you will find a bit of history about our Division. Please check back!  We are researching our founding members and plan to provide more information about who we are and how we got to where we are now!

Very Brief History

The CCC-DPHMD began as the Association of Educators of Homebound and Hospitalized Children (AEHHC). It was organized initially on April 26, 1957, formally affiliated with the Council for Exceptional Children April 8-12, 1958, and chartered on April 22, 1960. The name of the Division was changed to the Division for the Physically Handicapped and then to the Division for Physical and Health Disabilities in (year unknown). In 2010, we became the Division for Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities.  In 2019, the Division was renamed Complex and Chronic Conditions:The Division for Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities. We will update this page as more information becomes available. If you have information about our history, please email Cate Smith (  


The Presidents 

The list below contains the names and locations of all the people who have served as president of the Division.  We plan to add more information about some of these individuals as we acquire it from our long-time members and/or archives.  

1958-60 Ruth E. Green Springfield, IL
1960-61 Albert R. Goldsmith Pittsburgh, PA
1960-62 Elizabeth Wetzel Houston TX
1962-63 June Peterson Seattle, WA
1963-64 Edythe F. Blackburn Ottawa, ON, Canada
1964-65 Clarissa Hug Chicago, IL
1965-66 Gloria Calovini Springfield, IL
1966-67 Marian Hunter Detroit, MI
1967-68 Virginia Lorentz Carnegie, PA
1968-69 Dorothy M. Seigle Las Vegas, NV
1969-70 Gloria Wolinsky New York, NY
1970-71 Dorothy Carr San Pedro, CA
1971-72 Elizabeth M. Goodman Washington, DC
1972-73 Geraldine Fergen Normal, IL
1973-74 Frances P. Connor Jackson Heights, NY
1974-75 Ethel Leach Denton, TX
1975-76 Arselia S. Ensign Lansing, MI
1976-77 Betty Kolstoe Greeley, CO
1977-78 June Bigge San Francisco, CA
1978-79 Dennis Fair Slippery Rock, PA
1979-80 Peter Cardullias Cincinnati, OH
1980-81 Ronald Howard Washington, DC
1981-82 Barbara Kulik Northridge, CA
1982-83 Jane Scandary Lansing, MI
1983-84 Karlene Duke Winter Springs, FL
1984-85 Gary A. Best Los Angeles, CA
1985-86 June B. Mullins Pittsburgh, PA
1986-87 Peter Kopriva Fort Collins, CO
1987-88 Michael D. Weinroth Lawrenceville, GA
1988-89 John Venn Jacksonville, FL
1989-90 Phyllis Ollie Milwaukee, WI
1990-91 Pamela Smith Lexington, KY
1991-92 Vivian Rankin Chicago, IL
1992-93 Karen Kainz S. Milwaukee, WI
1993-94 Carolyn M. King Stone Mountain, GA
1994-95 Donna Kloppenburg Marietta, GA
1995-96 Mary Kay Dykes Gainesville, FL
1996-97 Sherwood Best Ontario, CA
1997-98 Joseph Taylor Fresno, CA
1998-99 Kathryn Wolff Heller Doraville, GA
1999-00 Donald Cross Lexington, KY
2000-01 Catherine Keating Providence, RI
2001-02 Steven Daley Sacramento, CA
2002-03 Dianne Koontz Lowman Richmond, VA
2003-04 Elisabeth Cohen Cranford, NJ
2004-05 David Ross Kutztown, PA
2005 Kathy Segers Macon, GA
2006 Alison Stafford Marietta, GA
2007 & 2008 Pamela DeLoach Tampa, FL
2009 Mari Beth Coleman Knoxville, TN
2010 Blanche Jackson Glimps Nashville, TN
2011 Linda Thomas Tampa, FL
2012 Lisa Pufpaff Muncie, IN
2013 Kharon Grimmet Bloomington, IN
2014 Melissa Jasieniecki Tinley Park, IL
2015 David Gordon New York, NY
2016 Patrice Kuntzler New York, NY
2017 Megan Elam Cincinnati, OH
2018 Angie Juárez Los Angeles, CA
2019 Laura Clarke Richmond, KY
2020 Robbie Hampton Nashville, TN
2021 Denise Griffin  
2022 Alyssa Marcum  


Last Updated:  27 October, 2022

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