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Assistive Technology Resources

Assistive Technology Checklist: Curriculum Access for Students with Physical Disabilities This checklist was published as part of an article in Physical Disabilities:  Education and Related Services (copyright DPHMD 2011; reference is located within). This checklist was designed to guide you through considering assistive technology services, needs, and devices to facilitate access to academic curricula for students with physical disabilities.


Past Newsletter Articles: Technology Spotlight

Accessibility features of iOS7 This brief newsletter article addresses features that make iOS devices accessible. 

Art Adaptations for Students with Physical Disabilities This brief newsletter article contains descriptions and photographs of numerous assistive technology solutions for making art accessible for students with physical disabilities. 

Aurasma This brief newsletter article describes use of the Aurasma app for instruction. 

Choosing Onscreen Keyboard Layouts for Students Who Use Adaptive Input Devices  This brief newsletter article addresses keyboard layouts and issues surrounding their selection for students who have physical disabilities who use adaptive input devices to access computers or tablet devices. 

Eye Gaze Computer Access This brief newsletter article addresses eye gaze for computer access. 

iPad Switch Accessibility This brief newsletter article discusses several ways to make the iPad switch accessible and includes several photographs of switch devices. 

Page Fluffers This brief article discusses ways to make book page turning more accessible for students with fine motor difficulties.  Several photographs are included.

Last Updated:  25 February, 2021

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