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A Letter from Your CCC - DPHMD President, Denise Griffin

Denise Griffin, B.S., M. Ed.

It is my privilege to be president of CCC this year.  Our division provides tip sheets, video trainings, webinar/virtual conferences, and other resources to our members.  We plan to collaborate with other divisions to create more resources.  We are all advocates who spread awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities, specifically those with complex and chronic conditions.  We are lifelong learners researching and implementing strategies, methodologies, and practices to improve the well-being and education of these individuals.   These individuals should be diverse, engaged, and active members in all their environments.  Please reach out to us if you need a specific resource.  Together we can become a positive support system for each other. 

Denise Griffin, B.S., M. Ed.
President CCC - DPHMD 

Posted:  23 February, 2021
Denise Griffin, B.S., M. Ed.
Author: Denise Griffin

Denise Griffin, B.S., M. Ed. President CCC-DPHMD

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