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Chronic Health Conditions Committee

Committee Mission

To examine the spectrum of quality of life issues for children with chronic illnesses and improve quality of life with a particular focus on educational issues for these individuals through:

  • Encouraging collaboration between caregivers and service providers (i.e., educational and medical professionals)
  • Educating service providers regarding the importance of collaboration and effective strategies for working with these children and their families
  • Influencing policy, and informing others of policy, including educational law, school law, legislation as it pertains to improving outcomes for children with special needs, etc.
  • Increasing awareness of medical conditions, characteristics of those conditions, and educational implications of those conditions
  • Increasing accessibility for dissemination of information

If you are interested in joining this committee, contact committee chair, Christel Murphy

Current projects include:

  • Position Paper:
    • The Legislative Alliance has worked diligently over the past year to develop a position paper addressing the most important school issues that impact the education of students with a chronic medical condition. The paper was recently submitted the DPHMD Board for review and feedback.
      • Ways to get involved: Help make the recommended changes so it can be moved on to the next group of individuals for further feedback.  
  •  Educational Implications for Students with Health Conditions: A Comprehensive Collection of Empirical Evidence (website)
    • The developers of the website hope this will become a “go to” site for researchers and clinicians who need the most current data regarding educational implications for students with chronic medical conditions. See the “Overview” page for a full description and purpose.
      • This is a big undertaking, so the website will likely be under major revisions/updates for the next year or more, and then the idea is that this will be a “live” document that will continuously be updated as new information becomes available.
    • Ways to get involved: If you have any research that you would like to have included on this website, please send to Christel Murphy in a table format similar to the one from the website, so the information can be easily included. Also, if you have any feedback or ideas for the site do not hesitate to share!
Last Updated:  25 February, 2021

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