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Female educator standing in empty classroom wearing mask

We are here for you.  At CCC, our focus is on supporting educators, professionals, and parents who work with students with complex and chronic medical conditions. We understand that this is an unprecedented time in education, especially when it comes to supporting students with complex medical and learning needs.  This is a time of change and challenges for all of us.  We know that educators and families are in a new situation with distance learning.  Please contact us if we can provide any support to you:  tip sheets, educational resources, or just a kind word.  Below are some tips and resources to assist you in the coming weeks as we all adjust to our new “normal”.


Tips for everyone 

  • Get creative
  • Be active
  • Go outside
  • Be mindful of emotions and behaviors
  • Deep breathing – meditation – yoga


Tips for parents teaching at home

  • Use warnings/reminders of upcoming activities
  • Use a visual schedule
  • Use songs/music during transitions
  • Offer sensory breaks:  movement, quiet activity, tactile/fine motor, etc.
  • Use social stories 



Posted:  25 February, 2021

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